In-Person Clinical Skills Training (CST) Chicago, IL

Are you a graduate of IFM’s Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP)? Collaborate with functional medicine expert clinicians and peers at this two-and-a-half-day, skill-building workshop.

July 8-10, 2022
Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel

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A Program Tailored to You

For many years, practitioners have requested a hands-on program that guides clinicians through the process of building clinical skills in the practice of functional medicine. After three years of successful beta testing, IFM is excited to announce a new in-person Clinical Skills Training (CST) program. CST meets you where you are on the functional medicine path and provides direct feedback and clinical consultation from expert clinicians on cases drawn from your own practice.

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Preparing for the CST

CST is designed for you to discuss real-world cases and reinforce the tools and strategies used in functional medicine. Prior to attending the workshop, you need to prepare an IFM Timeline and Matrix for two patients in your practice. Advanced preparation of these materials is required and lets you take full advantage of the experience. You will receive instructions on how to get your patient cases ready via a brief online course and a webinar with a Q&A section.


Small Groups

Paired with a dedicated facilitator who is an expert in functional medicine, you’ll collaborate in an intimate, small group setting with four other practitioners. This format allows for greater individual attention from the facilitator and encourages direct questions and feedback. Group discussions will provide guidance on how to use the functional medicine approach with specific cases.

As this is not a CME course, you are able to have open discussions about diagnostic and therapeutic options, including real-world experience with vendors, supplements, and lab testing. Small group facilitation also serves as a networking tool; you’ll leave the workshop with close professional bonds to the facilitator and the other practitioners in your group.


Detailed, Case-Based Workshops

In recent years, patients have become more complex, and those with multiple chronic conditions are increasing. Addressing the evolving needs of patients can be challenging; so too is learning how to effectively apply the functional medicine model of care to patients in your clinic. During the CST, you will have the opportunity to present a case from your practice and receive feedback from the facilitator and your peers on how to approach treatment.

This real-world application of functional medicine will strengthen your ability to confidently and competently treat patients who may present with more complex symptomologies. Cased-based workshops complement your learnings from AFMCP and provide an avenue for you to get advanced, individualized feedback on the diagnostic workup of patient cases.


Q&A Sessions

Outside of the group setting, you’ll be able to meet with some of the prominent thought leaders in functional medicine and have the opportunity to ask them questions. These special question and answer sessions take place after the small group facilitation and serve both an inspirational and educational purpose.

Why Clinical Skills Might Be Better Learned in Person

Self-guided study is not always the most practical nor efficient method of learning new clinical information. An important difference between online versus in-person medical education is that clinical skills may be better acquired in person.

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"Every piece of i
nformation from the case presented has clear clinical applications. I also learned how to approach some complicated cases."

– IFM Practitioner

I loved how we talked about the cases and
asked questions as we needed to.”

– IFM Practitioner