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Bioenergetics 2024 Conference 

Livestreamed in Pacific Time (PT)
August 16 - 18, 2024

  • Up to 16.5 CME Credits Available
  • Module content comprises recorded presentations that will be rebroadcast as a livestream presentation. Introductions, transitions, and Q&A sessions will be live.

Register Now: August 16 - 18

This module will investigate the science of mitochondrial function and dysfunction, the impact of oxidative stress, as well as nutritional and lifestyle influences on both health and disease.

+ What you will learn at the Bioenergetics conference
  • Determine if mitochondrial dysfunction is a potential root cause for patients with chronic disease.
  • Systematically identify five types of mitochondrial dysfunction with patient assessment and lab testing.
  • Identify subtle and overlooked clinical indicators and underrecognized root causes of mitochondrial dysfunction.
  • Develop personalized, precision-based treatment plans to improve mitochondrial function and cellular energy use.
  • Address the entire spectrum of bioenergetic function from micro to macro.
  • Apply personalized, precision lifestyle treatments to improve outcomes in patients with chronic pain, fatigue, neurocognitive, and mental health conditions.
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Mitochondrial Dynamics: Insights & Education

Mitochondria: The Powerhouse of the Cell

As the driver of all physiological activity, mitochondria and the energy they produce play an integral role in health and disease. These organelles are at the center of energetic balance; what do they require for enduring, optimal function? How does their dysfunction lead to diseases that severely impact a patient’s quality of life and their ability to live fully?

Learning how to recognize and help recover compromised mitochondrial function is key to addressing the varied underlying causes of fatigue, depression, headache, and neurodegenerative disorders. Explore more below about how functional medicine addresses common issues related to mitochondrial dysfunction, as well as effective therapeutic interventions and the profound potential of the healing partnership.


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Mitochondrial Function Related Articles

Intermittent Fasting & Mitochondria
Research suggests that intermittent fasting may promote mitochondrial biogenesis and improved mitochondrial function.
Two blueberry smoothies on a wooden table scattered with blueberries, choosing healthy nutrition to combat neurodegenerative disease.
Personalized Nutrition & Cognitive Decline

The ketogenic diet may be protective against neurological and mitochondrial diseases.

Young woman sitting in an open old window looking on the landscape of Tuscany, Italy.
Neurostimulation & Chronic Pain
Brain imaging studies provide clues into the underlying mechanisms of chronic pain syndromes.

Cheerful young Black couple laughing while sitting on floor and eating salad in living room, happy to be utilizing functional medicine therapies to treat depression.
Treating Root Causes of Depression
Depression is a complex condition with many antecedents and triggers; what adjunctive therapies can help?
Cauliflower, Fennel, strawberry, linseed, carrot, bell pepper, apple, apricot, swiss chard, rocket, radicchio, horseradish on a tray on white background
Connecting Mitochondria & Gut Health
How can optimizing a robust mitochondria-gut microbiome relationship support therapeutic approaches for optimal health?
Women exercising in the forest with dumbbells to reduce her fatigue and reverse mitochondrial dysfunction.
Chronic Fatigue & Mitochondrial Health
For patients with chronic fatigue, lifestyle changes that target mitochondrial function may help improve quality of life.

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