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Introductory courses give you a glimpse into what it’s like to practice functional medicine

Functional medicine is improving health outcomes for patients around the globe and redefining what it means to deliver high-quality patient care. As a vital partner to conventional medicine, concepts of functional medicine practice can be incorporated into a variety of clinical settings. These accessible, on-demand, online learning opportunities provide key background and fundamental information about functional medicine and how you might use it to expand your care approach.  


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Introduction to Functional Medicine 

Every patient manifests imbalances and symptoms in a unique way, and figuring out the root cause is a lot like detective work. In the “Introduction to Functional Medicine” course, clinicians can learn more about the tools and strategies involved in the functional medicine approach.

Clinical Skills Highlighted in This Course
  • How to collect and interpret a thorough clinical history using the Functional Medicine Timeline with antecedents, triggers, and mediators. 
  • Differentiating between and selecting tests for food allergy, food intolerance, and food sensitivity. 
  • Recognizing the many potential causes of depression. 
  • Applying a multifactorial analysis of depression symptoms in a particular case. 
  • Synthesizing information using the Functional Medicine Matrix to identify root causes and appropriate interventions
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En línea | Bajo demanda | Gratis

Introducción a la medicina funcional

Durante los últimos años, los pacientes se han tornado más complejos, y hay cada vez más pacientes con múltiples enfermedades crónicas. En este curso gratuito, se resumen los fundamentos de la medicina funcional y cómo este modelo de atención puede usarse para abordar con eficacia el mecanismo subyacente de la enfermedad. Los médicos pueden aprender más acerca de las herramientas y las estrategias involucradas en el método de la medicina funcional. 

Objetivos de aprendizaje
  • Recopile e interprete antecedentes médicos completos utilizando el desarrollo cronológico de la medicina funcional, que incluye antecedentes, desencadenantes y mediadores. 
  • Identifique las diferencias entre alergia alimentaria, intolerancia alimentaria y sensibilidad alimentaria. 
  • Seleccione los análisis y pruebas e interprete los resultados para reconocer la alergia alimentaria, la intolerancia alimentaria y la sensibilidad alimentaria. 
  • Reconozca las distintas causas potenciales de la depresión. 
  • Análisis multifactorial de los síntomas depresivos en un caso particular. 
  • Sintetice la información utilizando la matriz de la medicina funcional para identificar la causa fundamental y las intervenciones adecuadas.

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Micronutrient Testing and Thyroid Dysfunction 

Is nutrient testing appropriate for patients with thyroid-related conditions? Learn to identify potential micronutrient shortfalls impacting thyroid function and to determine when nutrient testing and supplementation is appropriate. 

Clinical Skills Highlighted in This Course
  • Diverse patient cases. 
  • An overview of key nutrients. 
  • An overview of thyroid lab assessments. 
  • A focus on nutrition and supplements as an effective treatment for thyroid disorders. 
  • Additional functional medicine resources, including patient and clinician-facing resources. 
The Institute for Functional Medicine | Free Course | Micronutrient Testing and Thyroid Dysfunction
Online | On-Demand | Free

Potential Micronutrient Deficiencies Associated With the Ketogenic Diet 

Patients following a therapeutic ketogenic diet may carry a higher risk for certain micronutrient depletions. Walking through several diverse case presentations, clinicians can decide whether lifestyle change, nutritional interventions, or further nutrient testing may be required. 

Clinical Skills Highlighted in This Course
  • An overview of the ketogenic diet and three of its therapeutic applications. 
  • An overview of potential nutrient depletion common with the diet. 
  • A focus on matching common symptoms to nutrient deficiencies. 
  • Additional functional medicine resources, including patient and clinician-facing resources.
Online | On-Demand | Free

Potential Micronutrient Deficiencies Associated With PPI Use 

As proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) reduce the secretion of acid in the stomach, this may impair the body’s ability to properly digest food and absorb nutrients. Explore the clinical indicators of nutrient deficiency linked to PPI use and work through the next steps for addressing them.

Clinical Skills Highlighted in This Course
  • Increased clinical awareness of potential nutrient depletion associated with PPI usage.
  • A focus on matching signs and symptoms to potential nutrient deficiencies.
  • Diverse patient case vignettes of PPI usage.
  • Additional functional medicine resources, including patient and clinician-facing resources for initiating nutrition and lifestyle change

Additional Opportunities

Online | On-Demand | Up to 1 CME | Starting at $50
Intermittent Fasting: Therapeutic Mechanisms and Clinical Applications

There are many different ways to fast, and each patient may have a different response. This introductory course explores the health benefits of five fasting methods and their clinical appropriateness for specific patient types. 

Clinical Skills Highlighted in This Course
  • Identify and differentiate between several fasting methodologies and how they impact various body systems and chronic conditions. 
  • Differentiate the clinical indications and contraindications for intermittent fasting. 
  • Define and understand autophagy and ketosis from a fasting perspective. 
  • Assess the scope and limitations of emerging evidence. 
  • Effectively personalize and implement a fasting routine for each patient. 

Online | On-Demand | Up to 4 CME | Starting at $320*

Lifestyle: The Foundations of Functional Medicine 

Modifiable lifestyle factors are critical for achieving optimal health and well-being, and research continues to demonstrate how lifestyle interventions can improve outcomes for a range of chronic conditions. Learn how to effectively apply lifestyle modifications as a frontline treatment to improve health! 

Clinical Skills Highlighted in This Course
  • Key foundational information about the impact of lifestyle—including sleep and rest; exercise and movement; nutrition; relationships; stress management; and behavior modification—on health and well-being.
  • How to design lifestyle interventions that appropriately address the causes of chronic conditions and dysfunction.
  • Tools and techniques to personalize lifestyle interventions and meet each patient where they are.
  • How to improve patient engagement with lifestyle treatments and the important factors in making lifestyle changes sustainable, improving their resulting outcomes.

*Please note that commensurate CME credit for IFM courses is available at an additional cost. Course pricing does not include CME credit eligibility. This helps us keep prices accessible for a variety of clinicians. 

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