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July 12 -14, 2024

  • Up to 20.75 CME Credits Available
  • Module content comprises recorded presentations that will be rebroadcast as a livestream presentation. Introductions, transitions, and Q&A sessions will be live. 


This module will clarify how to approach hormonal dysregulation, with emphasis on comprehensive hormonal assessment and an integrative approach to treatment of hormonally-driven conditions.

 + What you will learn at the Hormone conference

Web of Hormones: Insights & Education

Re-establishing Hormonal Balance

The hypothalamic, pituitary, adrenal, thyroid, and gonadal axis modulates health in a wide variety of ways. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is an extremely common intervention, but it has its own health risks and may not address underlying causes of hormonal imbalance. The functional medicine approach often starts with personalized lifestyle interventions, sometimes augmented with botanicals or supplements. Explore more below about how functional medicine addresses common issues related to hormone dysfunction.

The Institute for Functional Medicine's hormone imbalance statistics infographic

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Hormone Related Articles

Nuts and fruit in bowls showing that nutrition can help balance thyroid hormones.
Naturally Balancing Thyroid Hormones

Understanding the root causes of thyroid imbalance can help you effectively treat it.

Woman in her living room doing an online workout on her laptop and using exercise as a lifestyle intervention to combat chronic pain from her endometriosis.
Whole-Person Endometriosis Care

Lifestyle intervention studies show new opportunities for improving quality of life.

Elderly couple doing yoga in the park to increase their gut health through hormone balancing therapies.
Sex Hormones & the Microbiome

Research shows that sex hormones help shape microbiota composition and diversity.

Cheerful elderly woman hiking in the forest and using physical exercise and nature as a hormone therapy to reduce menopause health risks.
Menopause Hormone Therapies

How can you best weigh the benefits and risks for your individual patient?

Asian women sitting on living floor watching a workout video with dumbbells in her hands, increasing her bone health and hormones through exercise.
Hormones of the Skeletal System

Multiple hormones play a critical role in modulating bone health and remodeling.

Flat lay of fresh green fruits, vegetables, and herbs that decrease inflammation and help reproductive health.
Reproductive Health & Inflammation

Addressing nutritional inadequacies can support optimal reproductive function.

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