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IFM Membership: Enhancing Your Functional Medicine Journey

IFM Membership provides innovative clinical tools, practice resources, and several cost-saving benefits to help you deliver transformative care. Membership includes subscriptions to partner publications, program and product discounts, and exclusive content. Becoming a member ensures that you have access to the latest functional medicine resources taught in our curriculum.

Become an IFM Member

IFM membership provides access to the latest functional medicine research, resources, and tools that will support you in delivering high-quality care to your patients. Becoming a member also gives you exclusive access to several research, practice implementation, and cost-savings benefits that can streamline your day-to-day practice operations.

Becoming an IFM Member grants you access to member benefits for one year and can be extended or renewed at any time.

IFM Membership is for any clinician, researcher, or student who wants to:

  • Expand their clinical tools to better address patient compliance and outcomes.
  • Attend CME courses at a discounted rate.
  • Become part of a community of colleagues with mutual goals and interests.
  • Examine and understand emerging research to apply in their practice.

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Membership Benefits & Discounts

Membership Benefits Include

  • Access to the IFM Toolkit, with hundreds of downloadable documents ready to be used in daily clinical practice
  • Eligibility to be listed on IFM's web-based practitioner referral network, Find A Practitioner, after completing AFMCP
  • Access to the NatMed Pro (Natural Medicines) Database
  • Clinical Articles and Partner Publications:
    • Functional Medicine Connections
    • Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal (IMCJ)

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Membership Discounts

  • 10% off select IFM Programs 
  • $245 cost savings for IFM members toward AMS insurance coverage
  • Member Discounts – Various discounts on products and subscriptions:
    • Dr. Journal Club 
    • Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA) 
    • Integrated Connections (IC)

 IFM Toolkit Access

Membership grants access to IFM’s Toolkit, with over 450 valuable clinical resources.

With downloadable documents ready to be used in daily clinical practice, including:

  • IFM Foundational Tools – Information and guidance on the functional medicine Timeline, IFM matrix, and GOTOIT framework, which are diagnostic tools to organize and integrate patient history and facilitate treatment.
  • Intake Forms, Questionnaires, and Assessment Tools – Tools to help practitioners work with and evaluate their patients.
  • Practice Management Tools – Tools to help with the logistics of managing your practice.
  • Various Articles and Resources – Topics include: reducing physician burnout and practicing restoration; environmental illnesses, food, and nutrition; educational patient handouts; and movement and exercise.
  • Multilingual Tools – Many toolkit items are available in Spanish and Mandarin.

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Upcoming Courses & Opportunities 

Once an IFM Member, use your 10% discount on upcoming IFM programs to deepen your functional medicine knowledge and skills. 

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