IFM's Immune Advanced Practice Module (APM)

The Many Faces of Immune Dysregulation and Chronic Inflammation: Chronic Infections, Atopy, and Autoimmune Disorders

IFM_SD0370Up to 17 CME Credits
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This module will focus on chronic inflammation, systemic influences on the immune system, and the consequent dysfunction that may ensue. The Immune APM will supply clinicians with an in-depth understanding of underlying immune mechanisms and offer effective interventions to use even in the absence of a conventional diagnosis.

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Learn More Now: Proceedings from the 2018 Annual Conference on Autoimmunity

Solving the Puzzle of Autoimmunity: The Interplay of Gut, Genes, and Environment

2018 AIC Proceedings Preview

IFM’s 2018 Annual International Conference on autoimmunity focused on the exploding research and therapies around the interconnected roles of intestinal permeability, genetic disruptors, and various environmental triggers that coalesce to create autoimmune disease.

Watch lectures from educators at the Annual Conference who translate data into actions that can prevent, treat, and reverse the triggers and mediators of autoimmune disease in patients.